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TEIXIDÓ is the brain child of Juanma Teixidó, a Web Designer since 1997 with a strong background in Editorial/Graphic Design (1994~1996). Years of co-founding and building agencies from the ground-up taught him many things. For one, he learned you just can’t be all things to all people, so he chose to specialize in what he knows to do best and what keeps our clients coming back year after year. In fact our longest standing client has been working with us since 1997. And no, it’s not one of our aunts.

Our studio is open and full of white space, this allow us to work just like we like to design.

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In February 2010 after completing a number of high profile projects for a range of organizations and industries across the world, Juanma decided it was time to recreate a creative space. After selling his agency at the time, he assembled a passionate, ambitious and talented team, all into one powerhouse agency — this time under his unique vision and distinctive style.

We’re a small, agile and creative studio. When we say small and agile, we mean it. This is not a 20-people team where you have no clue what 12 of them do And this can only mean one thing: a more effective use of your budget.

We are very fortunate to have won some awards in the past as well as having a variety of our designs featured in some lovely books, magazines and web galleries. In fact, some of our work is showcased in other agencies portfolios — unlike traditional design studios, we love collaborating with other agencies.

While our studio is located in Asunción’s Villa Morra district, our clients usually aren’t. We enjoy managing projects remotely and we currently serve over 20 active clients around the world and across a broad rage of industries, all united by a premium position within their respective sector. Just in this 2010 the client base grew to include nedap, the United nations, abc digital & oniria, among others.

Of course, brilliant design and great ideas may be at the heart of a thriving design studio, but good tools can really, really help. That is why we chose to work with environmentally friendly Apple products as well as some web-based tools like Harvest and Basecamp.

What to Expect

Business Mindset

This isn’t just about making things look pretty; this is about making them more meaningful, useful and engaging while increasing revenue and winning more customers. You know, we’ll put you on the map again.

Attention to Detail

We pay attention to the details, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to design and our aesthetic sensibilities. In other words, we’re picky, and you’re going to love it.

Streamlined Communication

Sure great design comes from hard work and talent, but it also comes from communication and trust. No more “broken telephone.” We want you to have direct access to the people who are actually doing the work. Oh yeah, FYI, we’ll try to use as few acronyms as possible.

Technical Excellence

Our code-smiths will make sure to develope clean code, written by hand using the latest industry standards and practices. This means faster websites available to a wider audience. Except for that aunt of yours with her Commodore 64.


Our services span across corporate identity, website and interface design. We’re the ones who never got picked first in soccer. We’re the ones who always skipped guitar lessons and none of us could ever figure out how to tie a tie. What we can do is create beauty and functionality in all our projects by applying a considered, well-crafted, and lasting approach. Seriously, who wears a tie anyways?

Brand & Identity

We work with design agencies and end clients in designing and refining logos to provide an easily recognizable and memorable corporate identity.


We use best-practice techniques and the latest industry standards when designing and developing all our websites. We also make sure our interfaces are designed with communication and usability in mind.

Content Management Systems

When it comes to CMS for websites, blogs, newsletters or forums, ExpressionEngine is our weapon of choice. We have several years of experience developing turn-key solutions with this powerful publishing platform. No hard feelings, WordPress.


Whether youʼre starting a new e-Commerce website or looking for an e-Commerce redesign, weʼll provide a solution that will turn your web traffic into paying customers.

Online Marketing

From email marketing campaigns that reach and engage your customers, to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, weʼll give you all the tools you need to achieve the results youʼre looking for.